The best of both worlds - WFH to the workplace

Once the Corona pandemic had subsided, USM Germany, located in Bühl, used the early stages of hybrid working to develop an innovative design concept with its employees, creating an open workspace and showroom area in a listed administrative building. Here, the modular design potential of the USM Haller furniture system is impressively versatile with its detailed solutions and vibrant colours. The aim was to “show what’s possible”.

The plan was for the ambiance in these newly designed workspaces to motivate employees to return to the office. Two key elements of the office design encourage exchanges (which employees missed when working from home), spontaneous communication and focused work:



1. — a flexible choice of workstation

according to the task at hand,

2. — communication and retreat areas in

the spaces freed up due to the

80% occupancy rate.

Well-being as the watchword


The design creates a jaw-dropping impression when entering the hall. An inviting lounge is arranged on a new, separate podium fitted with oak parquet flooring. Behind this, up to nine modules with meticulously colour-coordinated infill panels are stacked vertically, while making full use of the hall’s width. Two bright orange workstations in the reception area blend into the office area, and a furniture cube in the same shade provides plenty of space for standing around casually in the entrance area.

Colourful, space-structuring elements in various heights and depths create different zones within the 600-m² platform area. These elements include furniture modules and acoustically effective, flexible walls known as USM Privacy Panels. Three finely woven floor-to-ceiling curtains provide lightweight elements for partitioning the room, while the privacy panels help to soundproof certain spaces.

Each workstation has two monitors and a docking station. Personalised mobile pedestals are available for storing work equipment (in keeping with the “clean desk” principle) and can be “parked” in designated areas when not in use. Central storage areas with individual lockers that can be opened/locked via the Lock C and a key card or an app are also available for shared use.

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Photographer: Nikolay Kazakov