A New Zealand villa with a twist

A family of four found their dream home in Ponsonby, Auckland, when they saw a renovated villa that had a gabled extension designed by Studio John Irving Architects.

“It was a light, calm, airy environment that had just been beautifully done,” one of the owners remembers.

They loved the architectural design, but they also wanted to make it their own.


They made some cosmetic changes to the house, such as redoing a bathroom in coral tile and painted the walls, preparing the home to adorn it with their art and furniture. They have a colourful and eclectic style, the owner says of her taste.

“I really love working with colour and a little oddity.”

One of the key elements of their home is USM modular furniture system. The family has been collecting USM units for more than 20 years, and use them in every bedroom and in the living area. The USM units help them keep their home tidy and organised, while displaying some of their beloved possessions.


The longevity and quality of USM is what convinced them. They also enjoy the flexibility and customisation that USM Haller allows, choosing different colours and designs to suit their family and home. Always being able to rearrange or add new modules as their lifestyle changes.

The USM Haller furniture complements the architectural design of the house, adding structure and contrast to the open-plan space. “Our approach is very unlearned; it’s visceral, a gut feeling,” says the owner.

“We buy things for life, and I like that sense of permanence.”

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Photographer: @brianwferry



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