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The USM Service

USM Service
A Global Network
of Experts
At USM we do everything we can to make it as enjoyable, relaxed and creatively fulfilling as possible - as well as tailoring the process to you.
USM provides a full service, giving you expert professional support every step of the way, from design to installation and beyond.

When you buy USM, you’re not merely buying a piece of furniture - you’re buying into an infinitely adaptable modular system that can grow with you. Our international team of experts is on hand to help you tailor your furniture perfectly to your environment. Trained specialists in furniture configuration, manufacturing, delivery, installation and customer support will help you every step of the way with whatever you need.

Or, if you prefer, you can buy ready-made pieces of USM from our shop.

Our flagship stores in Bern, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Tokyo, London and New York are support platforms for current and potential customers, showrooms as well as being cultural spaces for the furniture industry. We also have 410 authorised dealers in 40 countries. Wherever you are in the world, we will do everything we can to give you the highest-quality customer service and support.

USM Service
Design and configuration
Adaptability and personalisation are the core principles of USM furniture. We've built tools and trained expert staff to ensure that we can design and manufacture furniture that perfectly meets your needs and tastes.

Our interactive 3D online configurator lets you explore the possibilities of the USM Haller system. You can use it to experiment with different shapes and sizes, different combinations of colours, plus there's options to add a wide range of customisable features such as display panels, doors and drawers.

Trained experts
Whether you've created your own designs using the configurator or not, our trained experts will work with you to create the perfect solution for your situation. You can visit one of our showrooms, call us or chat with us online to make the most of our specialists' expertise.

USM Service
Build and quality assurance
When you’ve placed your order, our craftsmen will get to work on building it right away.
Using a mixture of cutting-edge machine technology and their own expertise, our highly-trained team will create and assemble your furniture to order in our custom-built facility in Switzerland. Once made, we’ll rigorously stress-test your furniture before preparing it for shipping.

USM Service
Delivery and installation
Your USM furniture will be delivered to your home or office within 6-8 weeks, in a delivery window that suits you.
Our expert installation teams know USM inside-out, so they’ll assemble your furniture quickly and without fuss. They won’t leave until you’re happy with the finished result, and they’ll take all evidence of their work with them.

USM Service
Support and expansion
With USM, adaptation after purchase is not secondary – it's the very core principle of the furniture.
Our specialists are always ready and willing to help you make the most of the system to readjust your furnishings to changes in your needs or environment.

With the USM Haller system, the ball-and-tube frame is specifically designed for endless reconfiguration and addition. Our team is always delighted to help returning customers add modules, tinker their furnishings' functionality, or simply restructure the modules the already have. Call us or contact your nearest showroom or approved sales partner to arrange a consultation.

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Explore the infinite possibilities of the USM Haller System with our design tool. Use our 3D Configurator to create your perfect piece of furniture.
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We offer complementary design services by video, phone or in person. Take a virtual tour of the USM London showroom to get inspired by our latest product installations for home and office.