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There’s no such thing as the single perfect bookcase. The ideal bookcase for you depends on all sorts of factors, including your aesthetic tastes, your storage needs and the space you have available. The USM Haller system lets you design a bookcase that’s just right for you, wherever your preferences lie.

If you have a limited amount of space, you can build a smaller piece with surprising functionality and storage capacity, including a variety of storage features such as extendable shelves, drawers and doors. More space, meanwhile, means more possibilities for creative design - including more internal space and built-in seating areas.


The versatility of the system means that you can design tailored pieces for every room of the house including both living and working areas and the whole family’s bedrooms. Select muted colours and versatile storage features for communal areas; bolder colours and more precisely personalised storage pieces are perfect for individual family members’ bedrooms. Working areas may call for specialised features such as doors that fold down to provide a working surface for laptops, while living areas may require additional space for radios and other electronic devices.


Using the USM modular furniture system, you can also adapt the furniture when your needs or tastes change. Thus, if your storage requirements grow as your family does, you can add to your bookcase with additional storage space or new features. If you move home, your furniture can easily be packed down and rebuilt in a new configuration at your new place.

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