London, united kingdom

ALM / Busy Circuits pop-up

ALM / Busy Circuits, a UK-based audio electronics company, is known for producing innovative and practical devices for sound manipulation. In celebration of their 10-year anniversary, ALM / Busy Circuits opened a physical store in Coal Drops Yard, located in London's King's Cross area, for a limited time.

ALM’s primary goal is to develop products that inspire creativity by providing engaging and playful experiences. They seamlessly blend influences from the past with modern concepts and possibilities, creating an environment that encourages new ways of working and fosters the growth of ideas.


They cater to a diverse customer base, including musicians, producers, sound designers, and artists, ranging from those working in home studios to professionals in top-tier recording facilities. All ALM products are manufactured in the UK, emphasising superior build quality, meticulous attention to detail, ethical practices, and responsible sourcing.

USM became a natural choice, closely aligning with ALM's practices and beliefs. The pop-up utilised a sleek combination of USM Haller metal and glass panels to elegantly display ALM's products. The modular nature of USM proved advantageous towards the end of the pop-up, as it facilitated the dismantling of everything, enabling them to later reconstruct it in a different design.

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Photographer: Rob Jones @hirobjones 


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