Münsingen, Switzerland

Aram visits the USM Factory

Introducing Aram, a London-based family-owned and operated official sales partner of USM since 2003. Launched in 1964 by the visionary Zeev Aram, Aram shares many similarities with USM. A few of the Aram team visited Münsingen, to explore the USM Factory, as well as the newly restored "Buchli".

In 1964, an ambitious Zeev Aram founded Aram Designs, which later became known as Aram. Situated on the bustling King's Road in Chelsea, the company's controversial showroom introduced the UK to an array of modern furniture and lighting sourced from around the world. Aram's primary objective was to curate interior schemes that harmoniously complemented the newly offered furnishings.


Over the years, Aram's influence grew, and in 2000, Zeev Aram's children, Ruth and Daniel, joined him in shaping the company's future. Together, they transformed a Victorian warehouse into the Aram Store, a captivating retail destination spread across four expansive floors. The Aram Store showcased an exquisite selection of designer furniture, lighting, and home accessories, all meticulously arranged under the watchful eye of its founder.


The transformed space not only housed the store but also became the headquarters for Aram Trade, a dedicated team specialising in commercial design projects. This addition allowed Aram to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele and further expand its creative endeavors.


Today, Aram continues to thrive as a prominent purveyor of exceptional design. With its rich history and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, the company remains a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to elevate their living and office spaces.

When the engineer Paul Schärer, owner of USM U. Schärer Söhne AG, and architect Fritz Haller, researcher and pioneer of modular construction systems, met in the technology and progress-friendly 1960s, a creative cooperation was born that would soon make history in the Swiss architecture and design industry. Together, they developed the three building block and installation systems MINI, MIDI, MAXI as well as USM Modular Furniture Haller.


Haller built the company building (1963) and office pavilion (1965) on the USM site in Münsingen, followed by the Schärer family’s private residence on a steep slope with spectacular views all round. This is known by everyone as the “Buchli”, short and sweet, after the property’s field name.


The Schärer family completed a meticulous complete renovation of their former residence, while still maintaining the original construction principles and appearance as well as strictly complying with historic preservation guidelines. Today, the “Buchli” is used to receive visitors to the company USM.

A special thanks to the Aram team for joining us on this incredible journey.

Thank you for being an integral part of our success!


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