A retail classic: specialised shop storage

Display units in retail stores have a difficult dual task: to provide a stylish – even beautiful – platform for the products being sold, without ever distracting the focus from them. Perhaps even more importantly, they have to keep doing so season after season, fitting in both stylistically and functionally with the demands of the latest collection.

Draw people into your shop with clean lines and bright, inviting materials that form the perfect backdrop for the latest products, whatever trade you’re in. Once they’re inside, they’ll appreciate the fine materials and top-class quality of your USM Display units – even if they don’t realise it.

Create shop-wide shelving with built-in drawers for surplus stock, elegant and robust display pieces including clothes rails, or whatever else your store needs right now. Then, next season, we can help you reconfigure them into completely new pieces perfectly suited to your new stock, decor, and environment.

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