Chengdu, China

Veloart, where bicycles are a work of art

Veloart was founded in 2013 and is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. "Velo" means bicycle in French, and Veloart aims to showcase bicycles as works of art. Veloart specialises in selling small-wheeled bicycles such as Brompton, Bikefriday, and Alex Moulton, in addition to offering bicycle services, customisation and cycling activities. 

It all started because Veloart founder Jacob and Yang, the shop manager were "determined to turn bicycles into a way of life, a necessity, and change the old industry model. We are still working hard towards this goal today."


Jacob and Yang enjoy collecting designer furniture and approach it with the same passion and expertise as their core business.

"We are good at delving into and reinterpreting the brands we love."

- Jacob and Yang

The store is divided into two parts: the showroom and workshop which have vastly different furniture requirements. USM modular furniture allowed Veloart to customise the showroom display, fitting an array of bicycle sizes and accessories.


The standout pieces in the workshop are the USM Haller multifunctional tool cart, and waste cart, which can be easily moved around when modifying, repairing, and customising bicycles. The tool cart is equipped with a work surface for frequently used tools and colour-coded with yellow, green, blue, and red drawers for efficient storage.

"We specially customised this USM Haller multifunctional tool cart, truly incorporating USM into our daily work."

- Jacob and Yang

At any stage, USM modular furniture can be modified to adapt to new needs and requirements. This forward-thinking design concept, combined with the modern design of USM, ensures it will not become outdated over time.


Veloart cleverly combined several Brompton wheels and USM Haller perforated panels, in a white-silver-black gradient, which has become a very prominent visual display in the store.

From the conception to final design, Veloart went through several iterations of planning until they found the USM configurations that met their requirements perfectly. After nearly a year of practical use, and some smaller adjustments the final pieces and results solidified their belief that choosing USM was the right decision.


Veloart's thorough research and love for USM can be seen throughout the store, with clever designs, specific to their needs. Veloart's decade-long journey has not only reshaped numerous traditional industry notions but also represents a fresh venture within the entire market through its collaboration with USM.

"We chose USM because of its versatility, which can flexibly meet our needs."

- Jacob and Yang

To find out more, go to @veloart_gz.


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